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Economic Development

Ruidoso is a thriving mountain resort in the southern Sacramento Mountains of South Central New Mexico. With a population just under 9,000, Ruidoso is the largest of 17 municipalities in Lincoln County and the hub of economic activity.


Ruidoso is a vibrant economy specializing primarily in tourism and real estate with 8691 full-time residents (but over 30,000 part-timers visiting in the summer.) The media age is 46 with an average household income of $44,876.

NM Workforce Connections

Village of RuidosoNM Workforce ConnectionThe New Mexico Workforce Connection offers a goldmine of quality career and placement resources for job seekers and employers.

Ruidoso area Job Postings

Film Lincoln County

Lincoln County provides a host of locations, a variety of services, and the editing capability of 28.6 TB Encanto super computer. Book of Eli, Gamer, The Outfitters and Casey’s Shadow are a few of the movies filmed in Lincoln County over the years.